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Wella SP Men Silver Shampoo - 250ml

Fight and prevent the yellowness of grey hair with Wella SP Men Silver Shampoo. Grey or white hair contains very little or no pigment at all, it becomes yellow because it picks up pigments from the environment around us for e.g. smoking, medications or if you use coloured shampoos or conditioners rather than a clear or opaque ones, traces of the colour pigments used in them can be absorbed in to the hair. Chlorine and different chemical residues that can be present in just water alone, sunlight and even oil and grease from the scalp can also give your grey hair a yellowish tone.

Wella SP Men Silver Shampoo has been specifically developed to combat these signs as it contains a blue colorant which neutralises the yellow tones found in grey hair. This shampoo has a creamy liquid formula that will gently cleanse both hair and scalp leaving you with a fresh and clean feeling hair whilst gently removing purities and residues from the hair. Your hair will be transformed in to a luscious and bright silver shine, so if you’re wanting your hair to look as gleaming as “Mr Silver Fox Philip Schofield” himself then this is the product for you.

This shampoo can alternatively be used to brighten and cleanse blonde hair whilst adding a masculine tone to the hair.

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Wella SP

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Wella SP Men Silver Shampoo - 250ml

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